TronShop Development Roadmap

Find out what we're working on + planning + thinking about + what we've finished.

Here you can find an overview of the things we’re working on and which will be available over the next few weeks.

See which suppliers we are planning to integrate soon in Planned section.
See which suppliers we are planned in next months in Under consideration section.

  •   Webshop loading time improvement
  •   Generate public URL link for sharing shopping cart with content
  •   Product detail sheet (printable and PDF generation)
  •   Custom translates for webshop texts
  •   Custom sorting for products on webshop
  •   Custom product's parameters value
  •   Manual bestseller products configuration per category
  •   Login to webshop under customer

This page contains list of all new TronShop features and bugfixes which are already approved by us and we plan to do it and launch them in next weeks or months according to their complexity. You can see estimated launch time in detail of every feature:

This page contains list of all TronShop features which are still open to final decision if we do it or not and also when and with how priority. Some of features has also open range of functionality, because there exists more options how to implement them.


We created TronShop for you. We will continue in improvements and adding new features. But there are hundreds of ideas. We need your feedback to know which features are the most requested, which suppliers you need the most and which options of possible features are important for you. You can vote and influence on which features we focus first and with which suppliers we integrate as first. Let us know what do you want sending e-mail to At this moment we will be glad for your feedback sent by e-mail. Thank you for joining our customer community and help us to create the best promotional webshop ever!

Product listing

  •   Horizontal box with filters
  •   Popup box with more filters


  •   More color theme options
  •   More font pack options
  •   More icon pack options
  •   Custom fonts support

SEO optimalization

  •   Own URLs for product detail
  •   Batch SEO editing for categories (tool/export/import)
  •   Batch SEO editing for products (tool/export/import)

Business management

Marketing tools

Visual settings

  •   Live preview of changes before savings

API access

What’s new

  • Supplier:
    • TejoBrinde
    • L-Shop Team
    • JUNG since 1828 GmbH & Co KG
  • OpenGraph data on products
  • Option to choose which product code should be displayed on webshop (supplier's or own)
  • Option to add own custom products to webshop
  • Option to add own custom products to webshop
  • UI Improvement for TronLogo Custom Text feature

What’s fixed

  • Product title localization
  • Typos in TronLogo DTP emails
  • TronLogo functionality on new version of Apple browser

What’s new

  • Supplier:
    • Inspirion
    • Par Bakula
  • Search engine improvement
  • Indication tags on products (recommended, novelty, sale etc.)
  • Generate PDF with order's information in webshop administration
  • Login form in Customer data shopping cart's step
  • Export customer's data in webshop administration
  • TronLogo - Custom default logos in user gallery
  • TronLogo - Display logo guid in Client logos section

What’s fixed

  • Hide empty categories on search result page
  • Price per piece calculation in shopping cart preview

What’s new

  • Demand mode for webshop
  • Display information when product doesn't have any stock data
  • Automate send email notification, when order status is changed
  • Option to have registration on webshop without need to authorize new accounts
  • TronLogo - Watermark on visualizations

What’s fixed

  • Switching between unavailable product's variants
  • Order is send with attachment from shopping cart

What’s new

  • Supplier:
    • Toppoint B.V.
    • Paul Stricker, S.A.
    • PAR BAKUŁA sp.j.
  • TronLogo - Integration to the shopping cart
  • Change notifications in shopping cart
  • Individual customer discount on webshop

What’s fixed

  • Different price format on detail v. category
  • Parent on filder options stayed selected after remove it from filters summary
  • Stripe payment gate API update
  • Order can't be place when it has file attachment
  • Saving product's parameters in administration

What’s new

  • Supplier: Elasto Form KG
  • Online Payment Gate - Stripe
  • TronCalculator - Online printing calculator
  • TronShop API Access
  • Webshop sitemap
  • Advanced external script implementation
  • Google Analytics orders tracking via eCommerce
  • Feed for Google Merchant Center

What’s fixed

  • Missing translation on mobile category show more button
  • Missing translation on Recommended products caption on carousel variant
  • Assigning price policy to products category takes a long time
  • Missing Slovenian flag in administration portal

What’s new

  • Languages:
    • Danish
    • Croatian
    • Romanian
    • Slovenian
  • Delivery time estimate information on product pages
  • Configuration for HTML title (suffix & prefix)

What’s fixed

  • Hiding inactive language versions in administration
  • Currency symbol position
  • Price range filter slider

What’s new

  • Suppliers:
    • Clipper
    • Elasto
    • Halfar
  • Languages:
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Greek
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
  • Hiding categories without products
  • Progress indication for background activity
  • New header design variant
  • Dynamically hiding filter options for eliminate empty filtered results
  • Inquiry management system
  • Currency & Exchange Rate Update
  • HTML Title suffix & prefix in Settings
  • Import own products code

What’s fixed

  • Minimum order quantity for product
  • Products sorting on search result page
  • Text information when product doesnt have a price

What’s new

  • Suppliers
    • Anda Present Kft.
    • Mid Ocean Brands B.V.
    • Adler Czech a.s.
  • Exchange rates synchronization from ECB

What’s fixed

  • Quick searching and results
  • Sorting colors into color rainbow
  • Hide mail templates in development
  • What mean BETA?
  • First Suppliers available in TronShop
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency Support
  • Main Webshop Features
  • Main Administration Features & Visual Customization

We started development of TronShop almost exactly before year, in the half of April 2019. We don’t use any existing platform, framework or open source solution like Magento, Shopify etc. We start completely from scratch and design whole architecture, webshop, administration and all data flows especially for promotional industry and all its specific. The benefit of this decision is that we have no limitations, we can change absolutely everything and we do not have to complicate adapt to the existing foundations and data structures, which is very often either restrictive or very expensive to "bend" to the needs of the specifics of our industry.

Another advantage and difference from all of our competitors is the overall architecture and technology. Many of them have been developing their systems for many years, but more years ago the latest virtualization and cloud technologies providing unlimited scaling such as Docker and Kubernetes were not yet available and used in typically webshop development. What does it mean?

We built our entire platform on the most modern and the latest cloud technologies that allow us to unlimited power scaling and run the service as close as possible to customers to offer the best experience and top speed.

Standard webshop architecture means a webserver (one physical or virtual server) running one or more webshop. However, this server always has physical limits that cannot be exceeded. If the capacity is not enough, another server will be launched and new webshops will be placed on it or some of the webshop will be moved to new server. But one webshop almost never can run on 10 servers if it needs such performance. Only way is to buy and build very expensive server farms and invest into rewriting source code of webshop to be able to work on this server farm.

However, this does not apply to us - we can run unlimited count of so-called PromoTron Cloud Clusters anywhere in the world (where Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon AWS services are available) and each cluster can contain and serve hundreds or thousands of webshops. Within a single cluster, there are no physical or virtual servers and associated limitations, but only virtual nodes with virtual CPU cores (computing power). And these nodes and CPUs cores can be hundreds or thousands. It only takes a few minutes for us to multiply our computational powers for example from 10 nodes with 20 CPU cores up to 1000 nodes with 2000 CPU cores. One webshop never runs on a particular server, but is served by all these nodes and all available computing power inside cluster. Your webshop can run on thousands of virtual CPU cores at one moment. There is no power limits for any kind and size of webshop. And we of course using advanced loadbalancing for distribution of computing consuption and control of every request from customer browser.

With our technology we can run reliable and very fast webshops for Western Europe as well as Eastern Europe, Russia or even Asia, and always as if everything look like all servers and data are in the customer's country and don’t travel throught half a world. It is very important for customer experience, response rate and speed of webshop.

If you want to know a little more about our technology background, there are a few basics of our architecture:

  • Primary development language: C# & .NET Core 3
  • TronCloud primary database: Azure Hyperscale SQL Database (database service as SaaS with geographical redundancy)
  • TronShop databases: Azure Database for PostgreSQL (database service as SaaS with geographical redundancy, every TronShop has own database on cloud managed PostgreSQL database server)
  • TronShop front-end: Pure HTML/CSS and JavaScript with a few jQuery plugins
  • Cluster back-end: Microservices with API management
  • Cluster orchestration: Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) with Docker containers
  • Memory optimization: Azure Cache for Redis
  • Storages: Several types from Blob and File Shares including Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Bug fixies
New features
Customer experience optimalization
Data processing
New integrations

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