We Innovate & Digitalize Promotional Industry

PromoTron is a unique cloud-based software for the promotional industry which helps companies to speed up processes, streamline online sale and automate communication, collaboration and data exchange.

For distributors, importers, manufacturers and printing houses.

What makes us different?

  • We have unique data and integration know-how
  • We invest in data quality improvement
  • We use TOP cloud and IT technologies for global scaling
  • Even our competitors use and resell our services

Our primary goals

with shopping promotional products for every customer

all from print artwork and proof-process to custom-made products

thanks to huge IT automation and process digitalization

business thanks to advanced data and analytics technologies

We are PromoTron

And we’ve been helping our clients succeed in digital promotional business since 2017


experience in promotional business
as a distributor on 5 European markets


from 16 countries around the world
obtained in just the very first year


of our services during
first 4 months of sale

What are we doing?

  • We are developing a tool for accelerating graphic proofs and print data
  • We are developing a webshop platform tailored for promotional products
  • We are developing solution for online sales of custom-made products
  • We are developing advanced forms of 3D products prezentation
  • We are working on the biggest global promotional products database
  • We standardize the data and invest into data quality
  • We are building integration platform for whole market automation

How can PromoTron help you ?

For distributors and resellers

Get powerful e-commerce solutions and provide the best shopping experience to your customers. Expand your product offer from dozens of EU importers just by few clicks. Sell custom-made products easily. Attract new customers and excite existing ones. Speed up and shorten print-proof processes.

For importers and wholesalers

Get the tools to support your B2B network and help partners to be more efficient. Attract new distributors from the whole EU. Present your bestsellers in a unique 3D style with printing. Sell your products in most modern webshop or provide it as a white-label solution to your distributors.

For manufacturers and producers

Get new unique tools for presentation and online selling of your products. Get new distributors from the whole EU and expand your export to new countries. Support your B2B partners with innovative e-commerce tools and speed up print-proof processes.

For printing houses

Make money also from selling promotional products, not just from printing with all risks. Get your webshop at minimum cost, including thousands of products from dozens of EU importers for one click. Offer online calculators with your printing technology. Speed up graphic proofs with your customers.

Integrated suppliers and manufacturers

New suppliers and manufacturers of promotional merchandise
join the PromoTron platform every month.
See a list of all suppliers, including their integration status.

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Mkto Catal Importaciones, s.l.
Giving Europe B.V.
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Reflects GmbH
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