Online 3D configurator for custom products

Allow to your customers to design, calculate, and order custom-made promotional products in a unique 3D environment in a browser. Shorten the process from days to minutes. Your customers will be thrilled.

From 22 € per month

TronDesigner is a unique 3D web configurator and calculator of personalized products. It allows to any product with hundreds of variants could be converted into a 3D model and easily configured on the web (change colors, materials, sub-parts, etc.) including printing visualization, real-time price calculation, and online ordering. Also, it generates a PDF file with product price and printing visualization.

unique online tool
for customizable products

availible in 12 languages
online calculation

your own settings and
pricing policy

within 5 minutes

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Why TronDesigner?

Whole process online. Fast and easily.

The entire process can be completed by the end customer himself within few minutes. The configuration of design, material, style and colors, printing visualization and real-time price calculation including quantity discounts and final order. All that can be realized via TronDesigner directly on your website.

Expanding database of customizable products.

The TronDesigner is built as a micro "e-shop" with customizable promotional products. Today, TronDesigner offers 12 products.And we are still looking for another manufacturers to adding new customizable products to the configurator.

Everything is under your control. You are selling the products using your name.

It is up on you to turn choose what products and supliers you want to include into your version of TronDesigner. Likewise, you are configuring your own pricing policy yourself. Customize entire TronDesigner environment (logo, colors, contacts, PDF bids, etc.). Whenever you will receive the order, you deal it directly and you deal with the manufacturer / supplier.

Whithout cost. No neef of IT mantenance.

Everything is running on our own cloud, you do not need worry about traffic. You can manage the implementation in the e-shop or website in a few minutes. We still looking for new manufacturers and expand offer of new custom-made products.

How can TronDesigner help you in your business?

We are distributor, reseller, agency ...
We sell promotional products to end customers

Main benefits for distributors, resellers and agencies:

  • Expand your offer with original personalized products
  • You need not to organize anything - everything is ready for immediate sales and easily implementable in your site or e-shop
  • You will reach new customers, who prefer originality
  • You will get an efficient tool - you will save hundreds of hours of work
  • You will get the default purchasing terms directly from the manufacturer with the option of negotiating your own terms directly with the manufacturer
  • You will get the perfect content for your marketing communication
  • You will get a significant competitive advantage and difference
  • Increase revenue and profit by expanding the range of products
We are manufacturer, producer ...
We produce personalized
promotional products

Main Benefits for the Manufacturers of personalized products:

  • You will get a new unique way to sell your products online
  • You will open new business channels and reach new business partners
  • Get an effective tool for yourself and your business partners
  • Accelerate your business processes and save time of your graphic department
  • You will get the perfect content for your marketing communication
  • You gain significant competitive advantage and difference
  • Increase your revenue and profit by adding new sales methods
FOR THE MANUFACTURER: Indicative price list and conditions for the implementation of custom products in the TronDesigner tool.

How the TronLogo service works?

The whole TronDesigner is easy to implement in your e-shop or website within a few minutes. And customers can instantly choose from the widest range of products.

  • Implementation can be done in two ways - by inserting inside your website / e-shop (using IFRAME) or as a whole page with your logo, contacts, and selected links in the header.
  • The entire TronDesigner area and all controls will be automatically adjusted according to the window size. The minimum recommended width of the window (without sliders) is 1000px wide and 600px portrait.
  • After implementation of the TronDesigner , a catalog of customized promotional items (which you can set in your administration) will be displayed
  • You can optionally rename each product with its own name instead of the original manufacturer name (if the manufacturer allows so) and possibly increase the minimum order amount.
  • Product prices will be defined according to your pricing policy (the manufacturer's default catalog prices and your initial discount can be defined in the system as well as you can set your margins or individual discounts agreed with the manufacturer).
  • The TronDesigner visual environment can be customized - you can upload your logo and change the color model and style. TronDesigner is also availible in 12 languages and is various curencies - you will be able to choose which languages ​​and currencies you want to offer to customers in the administration

Customers can very easily design original personalized products tailored to their corporate identity. Everybody can do it!

  • After selecting any custom product from the catalog, a 3D model will be loaded within 5-15 seconds (depending on product complexity, Internet connection speed, and PC performance).
  • Once the 3D model is loaded, rotate it using mouse, preset views of important product details are also available.
  • Each product has its own set of configurable parameters - from choosing colors and materials to different styles, choosing variations of individual parts of the product, Control is very easy, you just choose the relevant parameter in the right part of your display, an overview of available options will be displayed and by single click you will change the design ofthe 3D model immediately.
  • The system automatically changes the available parameters in dependence on other options - one style offers 5 colors for the body of the product and another style 10 different colors, everything changes automatically and the customer can always choose only existing and manufacturable variants and combinations of the product!
  • TronDesigner will work only in modern WebGL enabled browsers, and hardware acceleration using a graphics card.

Anytime, your customers will see the current product price including printing and quantity discounts.

  • Each time the Product Configuration is changed, the product price calculation will be immediately updated (shown at the bottom of the TronDesigner window). The customer can immediately see how the change affects the price and can decide if he / she really wants to confirm given design.
  • Price calculation shows the price per piece, the price of the printing and the total price per piece as well as the total price of the entire order.
  • Using the slider (or by entering the number in the field) you can easily change the number of pieces and find the exact price for the requested quantity.
  • By clicking on QUANTITY DISCOUNTS a table with prices for all price levels (quantity discounts) that the product offers will be displayed- so the customer can see for what quantity the price is interestingly reduced and so he can decide to order more pieces.
  • By clicking on " DETAIL CALCULATION ", you'll see a table that shows to your customer all details - how much the basic product costs, how much cost the supplements, how much costs the print preparation and how much costs the printing itself.

Customers can upload their own logo and see them in 3D realistic visualization on the subject. They can also change the location and size of the logo.

  • TronDesigner supports all major graphical formats - it can handle withvector formats Corel (CDR), Illustrator (AI), Portable Document Format (PDF), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) , PSD, etc. The JPG format can be additionally enabled in the administration, but we do not recommend it (due to the low quality of the visualization and subsequent production).
  • It is possible to configure all the printing positions available on the given item including a selection of all available printing technologies, which the manufacturer offers. It is also possible to select and set up printing at multiple locations at once.
  • Any change of the print setting (position, technology, color, etc.) will be also automatically updated in the price calculation - the customer can see how much costs the selected technology and colors.
  • TronDesigner allows you to visualize full-surface prints (such as a full-color and full-surface printing on a mug). Products with enabled full-surface printing, are available with vector-based PDF maker provided by the manufacturer for graphics.

A comprehensive summary will show the customer everything directly on one page and allows him easy control and ordering of any product.

  • When the customer is satisfied with the design, visual appearance and print settings of the product, he clicks on the last step SUMMARY / ORDER.
  • All necessary product information will be displayed = several 3D product visualizations from different positions (to check the product from all sides) + detailed overview of all selected product parameters + detailed price calculation (all items from which the calculation consists).
  • You can set up in the administration whether you want to allow to your customers order the product directly or just send an order request (after entering delivery and billing details) or a simple request (entering e-mail) and whether you want to allow customers to generate and download bids in PDF (see below).
  • When you enable online ordering, you can set up in the administration what data you want to collect in the order form- the basic data, ie the billing and delivery details are preseted, but you can add your own fields (eg, special TAX numbers etc ...)
  • The customer simply fills in the ordering information, and then the customer and you will receive an email confirmation of the order with all the product details.
  • Subsequent realization of the entire order and all other communications take place exclusively between you, the customer and the manufacturer!

Easy generating of professional bids in PDF, in your design and with your contacts.

  • The customer can create and download the PDF bid in the last step (in summary and if you enable it)
  • The bid contains all the information that is displayed in the summary = several 3D views, the product description, and the price calculation.
  • Generated PDFs will be tailored to your business CID - with your logo, your contact information and also it can be modified into your colors
  • All generated bids are stored in your system and you can view and download them in the administration anytime
  • Downloading a PDF bid can be conditional upon entering an email address (you can set it up in administration) - so you will get lead and customer contact details, unless he ordered anything!


Preorder = up to 25% discount

FOR THE MANUFACTURER: Indicative price list and conditions for the implementation of custom products in the TronDesigner tool.

With non-obligatory preorder you will receive #DISCOUNT:BASE# DISCOUNT for 1st year of using selected PromoTron services (after their launches)
* Prices are without VAT and are valid for the order and payment of the service for 12 months period (= extra + 15% discount).
The length of the payment period you can choose after the launch of the selected services (the final discount will be rated according to the selected period).

TronDesigner will be officially launched at the 4Q 2019 ...

How to implement the TronDesigner?

We now recommend you to realize the pre-order to get a discount of up to 25%. After the official launch, you can order the TronDesigner tool and make an online payment (or we send you an advance invoice).

Then simply log in to the AdminPortal and choose the products / vendors you want to offer in your version of TronDesigner.

In AdminPortal, you set up your business details, upload your logo, and optionally you can set other TronDesigner features (environment colors, languages ​, currencies, etc.)

Do the implementation of TronDesigner tool in your wesite or e-shop. And you can immidietely impress your customers with a new innovative solution for personalized products...

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References and experience of our customers

We have been using the TronLogo service since June 2019. I rate TronLogo as the most effective tool for clients and us. Clients see their motive on thousands of products in our webshop and thus save time of our DTP for other tasks. When preparing a visualization, we eliminate multiple proofreading by allowing you to edit your theme or text online. Within a few months, our clients have played with thousands of visualizations with TronLogo and saved themselves and us hundreds of hours.

I look forward to visualizing laser engraving, embossing and embroidery, the key branding technologies. And also the announced functions for calculating the number of colors and checking the logo will be very helpful for us. Once TronLogo will generate final print data, it will become an indispensable tool for our business.
Johannes Mahlich
COO / Geschäftsführung
We use TronLogo since October 2019. Strong tool. Very reliable cooperation. Suggestions for improvement are implemented directly.
Martin Babic
COO / IT Analytic
TronLogo has become an interesting added value for our customers.
In addition to customers, the service is also appreciated by our sales people, who can easily prepare simple previews for clients.

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