Unique web application for easy 3D design, calculation and ordering of customizable promotional goods. Everything is ready, just start selling. For any website or e-shop.

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Sell customizable promotional items without worrying about time and long communication considering inquiries. You will receive orders directly.


Everything is ready, just select products, suppliers and set up the prices. You can sell online. Implementation in your webshop or website within few minutes .


The range of custom products in TronDesigner will be expanded continually. Your customers will be able to try out a new product every month.

What is TronDesigner?

TronDesigner is a tool that transforms the entire process from designing of a custom promotional item through price calculation till ordering into an online and 3D environment and shortens everything from days to minutes.

For Distributors we are looking for the right manufacturers to launch their products in TronDesigner, where everything is ready to start selingl immediately. Just select which products from which vendors do you want to offer and set up sales pricing policy.

For manufacturer and supplier , we process customizable products for the TronDesigner and link them with the distributors to trade directly.


What TronDesigner offers?

  • Catalog of custom-made products for easy selection
  • Realistic 3D preview of designed product in web browser
  • Real-time product configuration (colors, materials, optionally parts, etc.)
  • Real-time price calculation based on designed product and all parameters
  • Easy upload, setup and 3D display of logo / print on the product
  • Prenegotiated default purchase prices with suppliers for you
  • Advanced sale pricing policies per supplier, product and amount
  • Customizable visual design of designer environment
  • Generating of the PDF quotations with customizable design
  • International sales support (8 languages and 5 currencies)
  • Everything is based on modern cloud - no IT cost and maintenance required

How TronDesigner Helps


  • Expand your offer with original personalized products
  • You will reach new customers, who prefer originality
  • You will get an efficient tool - you will save hundreds of hours of work
  • You will get the default purchasing terms directly from the manufacturer with the option of negotiating your own terms directly with the manufacturer
  • You will get the perfect content for your marketing communication
  • You will get a significant competitive advantage and difference
  • Increase revenue and profit by expanding the range of products


  • You will get a new unique way to sell your products online
  • You will open new business channels and reach new business partners
  • Get an effective tool for yourself and your business partners
  • Accelerate your business processes and save time of your graphic department
  • You will get the perfect content for your marketing communication
  • You gain significant competitive advantage and difference
  • Increase your revenue and profit by adding new sales methods


    • to be able to play and design personalized products
    • to vizualize online their own logo
    • to make online calculation immediately and see the impact
    • to get the quotation online, visualization included
    • to place order online in case of interest

Products in TronDesigner

Check customizable products you can sell online immediately:

References and experience of our customers

We have been using the TronLogo service since June 2019. I rate TronLogo as the most effective tool for clients and us. Clients see their motive on thousands of products in our webshop and thus save time of our DTP for other tasks. When preparing a visualization, we eliminate multiple proofreading by allowing you to edit your theme or text online. Within a few months, our clients have played with thousands of visualizations with TronLogo and saved themselves and us hundreds of hours. Once TronLogo will generate final print data, it will become an indispensable tool for our business.
Johannes Mahlich
COO / Geschäftsführung
We use TronLogo since October 2019. Strong tool. Very reliable cooperation. Suggestions for improvement are implemented directly.
Martin Babic
COO / IT Analytic
TronLogo has become an interesting added value for our customers.
In addition to customers, the service is also appreciated by our sales people, who can easily prepare simple previews for clients.

How TronDesigner works?

See how TronDesigner works from a customer's point of view, from product design through price calculation till the order:

1. Product Selection

Product Selection

Customers can choose from custom products only those that you have previously approved and selected in your TronDesigner Administration.

TronDesigner's default behavior is a catalog of selected custom products that act as a micro-shop in your own webshop or website.

You can also create a product catalog and then always open TronDesigner for a specific product. TronDesigner's visual style can be customized to match your website.

2. 3D Product Design

3D Product Design
Customers can configure all available options like colors, materials and select available parts and their type.

They will immediately see it in realistic 3D including real-time price calculation.

They can also upload a logo and see it on the product and change its position and the size of the logo.

3. Quotation / Order

Quotation / Order
Customers can download quotations in PDF including 3D previews, with all product details and detailed product calculations. Quotations can be visually customized.

It is also possible to submit the proposed product easily as a non-binding order for quick review and processing.

Standard stock products in 3D

We will convert any classic stock product to a 3D model to be easily displayed in a web browser in 3D, to change the color variants of the product and to upload and place the logo on the product and adjust its size and position.

Then you can take screenshots from many angles and use them, for example, in a personalized quotation for customer. You can also easily implement everything into your webshop or website.

The advanced 3D viewer is best for bestsellers and more expensive products as an exciting way to present it on the Internet.

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TronDesigner Pricelist

XX visitors = max unique visitors of the configurator daily  |  XX products = max count of 3D customizable products you can offer
printeditor = integrated print editor of the Tronlogo  |  XX logo conversions = max count of vector logos per month

In the case of an active TronShop service, you will receive additional services - TronLogo, TronCalculator, TronDesigner - with a permanent discount of 20% of the basic prices.

You will receive a 20% 1st year DISCOUNT from the official sell price for selected PromoTron services with non-obligatory pre-order. These prices do not include VAT. You will be obliged to choose the variant of the service and the length of the payment period after the services are launched.

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