Provide first-class online solution to your distributors.

And leave all the worries about operations, IT and development on us.

What does WHITE-LABEL mean?

You can, under your name, provide to distributors the first-class webshop or webcatalog with your products.
Entire solution can be very customized, connected to your CRM / ERP system, automate orders and much more.
PromoTron will run all operation, technology, regular data updates and further development in the background.

Possibilities of using the TronShop platform


In cooperation with MAKITO we created the project - micro thematic shops in the "COVID" period,
aimed at supporting their distributors and their easy and cheap transition to online sales.

More about project BeSafeShop

Business models

The white-label solution offers several basic models of cooperation and operation:


Everything takes place under your name.
PromoTron provides background operation.
PromoTron does not communicate with your clients.


You carry out the initial marketing.
All other work is on us.
Your clients will receive a special discount.


Same principle as "Full Outsourcing".
You get a commission every month
for each active license

Price of the WHITE-LABEL solution

The final price of the whole white-label solution is always individual.
It depends on the complexity of project, development and volume of provided services and support.
Each white-label project financially consists of 3 parts:

  • 1One-time initial costs:
    Project preparation and development of the entire solution, including all functions and connections
  • 2Monthly operating costs:
    Operation of the entire solution, including licenses, maintenance and provided support
  • 3Individual costs:
    Additional development, creation of graphics / HTML / CSS, custom adjustments for customers

How does the project work?

Each white-label project is unique and it is always necessary to define goals together = what the service should be like at the end, what it should look like and what it should be able to do. The project can be divided into several stages, first the basic functionality, launch, verification of interest and then the addition of other functions. A white-label project typically has this course:


The project preparation

  • - Joint discussion of possibilities and requirements
  • - Defining the goals and properties of the project
  • - Negotiating conditions and prices
  • - Signing the contract

The project development

  • - Integration of your assortment and services
  • - Preparation of a sample e-shop / catalogue
  • - Preparation of a presentation website
  • - Development of new features or functionality
  • - Developing connections to your systems

The project operation

  • - Official launch
  • - Continuous creation of webshops
  • - Continuous support
  • - Development of new functions
  • - Custom adjustments for customers

The preparatory phase can be managed within 1-2 weeks. The development of a larger project typically takes 2 or more weeks depending on the number and complexity of the requirements. However, you can have the basic solution using TronShop without changes and offer it to customers within 2 weeks!

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