Automatic Visualization
for 90 000 + products

Automated 3D logo visualization including realistic simulation of engraving, embossing and embroidery

Online Print Editor

Simple online print editor directly in the browser
with real-time 3D visualization on product photo

PDF Visualization
PDF Visualization

PDF with printing graphic and 3D visualization,
all in your design and with your contacts

What is TronLogo?

TronLogo is a plugin (add-on) for any e-shop with promotional merchandise. It allows you to automatically and immediately 3D visualize customers' logos directly on product photos. It works with print data of dozens of EU suppliers. It also allows you to design your own print artwork easily and quickly.

TronLogo can also be integrated into ERP systems - allowing the sales officers to check vector logos uploaded by the customers and prepare a simple visualization file, no DTP assistance needed.


What TronLogo offers?

  • Automated 3D visualization of the uploaded logo on 90.000+ products
  • Choose of the print technology and simulation of embossing, laser engraving and embroidery
  • Web HTML5 printing editor with real-time 3D visualization
  • Processing of the vector formats CDR, AI, IND, EPS, PDF
  • Real-time calculation and color count control and print size control
  • Custom gallery of uploaded logosand themes for every user
  • Generating and download of aPDF and PNG visualizations
  • Visualization REST API for personalization and marketing
  • Support of 11 languages ​​ (EN, DE, PL, HU, FR, IT, PT, ES, CZ, SK ...)
  • and many other improvements will be added soon

For whom is TronLogo

For Distributors

Easy graphic proposal with customers
Speed up of the order and DTP processes
Impression of end customers
Increase of your turnover and profit

For Importers

Support and increase of your business partners
Rise of your own products sales
Automation of the internal processes
Speed up of order execution

For Manufacturers

Improve end customer service
Support and increase of business partners
Speed up of order execution
Increase of your turnover and profit

For End Customers
(your webshop visitors)

Logo displayed on thousands of products
No need to wait for DTP department
Quick order placing
Significant time saving

Visualization Samples

How TronLogo works?

See the detailed procedure and examples of how TronLogo works and looks in the webshop from the end user's and distributors' point of view

1. Upload your logo

Upload your logo

The user just Drag & Drop any file with the logo and optionally selects how to remove a background from the logo.

Supported formats:


2. Check uploaded logo

Check uploaded logo

The system automatically converts vector logos and generates their Black and White variants. User can instantly check the output and approve or reject it.

3. Automated logo visualization in your entire webshop

Automated logo visualization in your entire webshop

Immediately after uploading the logo, automated 3D visualization will be turned on and all product pictures in the webshop (for products included in TronCloud) will be automatically replaced by product pictures with 3D visualized logo at the default print position.

If the color of the logo is similar to the color of the product and the logo would be almost invisible, the white or black variant will be used automatically (if it is available).

Printing technologies laser engraving + embossing + embroidery are also visualized automatically if they are the recommended method of printing on the given object.

4. User's gallery

User's gallery

Every uploaded logo or created print artwork for the specific product is stored in the user's personal gallery with no login required. When a user returns to your webshop from the same computer, all user's logos and created prints are again available.

5. Online printing editor

Online printing editor

User can open the print editor and create own print artwork for specific product.

In editor can be changed logo size and position, added more logos, added unlitmited count of texts or basic shapes like line or rectangle. Is possible to change colors a rotate everything. Editor also support Undo and Redo function.

Every change in editor is immediately rendered and visible in 3D on product image at the right side of the editor. When the user saves the motive, TronLogo will remember this motive and selected product and same motive could be also imemdiately rendered on every product in your webshop (users choose if save motive only for specific product or save it to gallery and apply on all product in webshop).

6. Generating of the PDF visualization file

Generating of the PDF visualization file

User can generate and send PDF with visualization to own e-mail. This PDF contains basic product information, 3D visualization of artwork on product image, 2D artwork graphic as background resource for creating print data, and basic branding information (max print area size and artwork size).

You as webshop owner also recieve e-mail, where will be link to access all data - it mean PDF with visualiuzation + separately image with 3D visualization and 2D artwork as resource for finishing print data + links for download all source files used in artwork (logos uploaded by user).

PDF can be customized with your company logo, your colors, your contact details and your DTP process or marketing information (banner). By recieving this visualization you also recieve BUSINESS LEAD, because you recieve e-mail address of potential customer and anonymous webshop users before they finish shopping and give you contact details.

7. DTP data for download

DTP data for download

You can access all the data of every single visualizations (PDF). The data of visualization contains:

  • product 3D virtual sample image
  • flat 2D print artwotk image
  • visualization PDF
  • all source logos used in artwork (original files uploaded by user)

DTP department can create final print data very fast from this pre-approved print-proof and all source data from a customer.

How to implement TronLogo

The TronLogo service has been designed to be easily implementable in a minimal time and, at the same time, was not expensive for your developers or IT vendor.
The basic implementation can be completed in approx. 2 hours.

TronLogo also offers tools, JavaScript events, and REST API to be easily integrated into your webshop shopping process and ERP system. TronLogo can become an integral part of your solution. You can automate uploading logos from your ERP system, programmatically get any visualization and access all data. More information in the Implementation Manual.
Advanced implementation typically takes 1-2 days.

TronLogo Pricelist

In the case of an active TronShop service, you will receive additional services - TronLogo, TronCalculator, TronDesigner - with a permanent discount of 20% of the basic prices.

W wersji TRIAL otrzymasz najwyższą wersję STANDARD przez 14 dni za darmo. Przed zakończeniem wersji TRIAL poprosimy Cię o ostateczny wybór pakietu usług, metody płatności i okresu płatności oraz płatności procesowej. Jeśli nie masz aktywnej usługi i nie płacisz za licencję po zakończeniu TRIAL, usługa zostanie wyłączona. Wszystkie ceny są bez podatku VAT i wyrażają cenę za miesiąc usługi zgodnie z wybranym okresem płatności. VAT będzie wliczony do ceny tylko dla firm z Republiki Czeskiej lub z rejestracją VAT w Republice Czeskiej.

Integrated suppliers and manufacturers

New suppliers and manufacturers of promotional merchandise
join the PromoTron platform every month.
See a list of all suppliers, including their integration status.

PF Concept B.V.
Mkto Catal Importaciones, s.l.
Giving Europe B.V.
Anda Present Kft.
Xindao B.V.
Paul Stricker S.A.
Mid Ocean Brands B.V.
Inspirion GmbH
Elasto Form KG
Troika Germany GmbH
Halfar System GmbH
Hepla-Kunstofftechnik GmbH & Co KG.
Reflects GmbH GmbH
FARE-Guenther Fassbender GmbH
Tobra GmbH
Adler Czech a.s.
REDA a.s.
iMi Partner a.s.
Ivory Ceramic
Clipper B.V.
Toppoint B.V.
Intraco Trading B.V.
Araco International B.V.
SENATOR Benelux B.V.
The Peppermint Company B.V.

In which languages is TronLogo available?












and more languages coming soon ...






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What other features do we plan?

Work with Pantone colors

After the logo upload, the system will analyze the colors and, in the case of CMYK or RGB, will convert it automatically to Pantone. Subsequently, the user will be able to confirm or change the individual Pantone colors that will be part of the logo. Planned launch: Q1/2020.

Multiple print positions support

In the online printing editor, you will be able to select branding technology and the print position option based on the suppliers' data and the availability of images. It will be possible to design multiple print motives in more places for one object. Planned launch: Q4/2020.

Extended options of logo editing

We will add tools for basic editing of the uploaded logos - color changes of individual parts of the logo directly in Pantone colors and vectors + cropping of the logo surface + logo rotation + more detailed cleaning of the logo background. Planned launch: Q2/2020.

Generating of PDF containing printing data

The system will generate a final PDF file containing print data based on the approved print visualization, which will contain 3D virtual sample (placement) + 1: 1 vector graphics in Pantone or CMYK colors + list of Pantone colors + size of graphics. Planned launch: Q4/2020.