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Our mission

The mission of PromoTron Solutions a.s. is to become one of the major suppliers of software customer solutions and services in the field of promotional merchandise (3D), in the advertising industry segment.

PromoTron is a unique cloud-based software for the promotional industry which helps companies to speed up processes, streamline online sale and automate communication, collaboration and data exchange.

The Company was founded as a spin-off business of iNET Solutions s.r.o., which has been active on the advertising market for more than fifteen years. Therefore, our know-how includes rich experience in the European advertising business and promotional merchandise production, which we have fully applied to the development of our revolutionary on-line tools.

We have developed unique software for businesses operating in the field of 3D promotional merchandise that significantly cuts down time and simplifies the procedure of placing orders for the production of promotional merchandise and printing. We will continue developing innovations of the software customer solution and adding new services.

The PromoTron tools bring new creative possibilities to your customers, thanks to which you will get a lot of opportunities to win new clients and to capture the attention of your current customers. We make software that increases productivity, reduces costs, positively promotes B2B and B2C e-commerce and marketing, but above all, opens brand new opportunities for your business.

Our Team

The PromoTron team consists of specialists in various areas, from IT architecture and advanced data processing to international business and marketing. Meet the people working in PromoTron:

Daniel Frouz

CEO / Founder

Josef Hartl


Tomáš Smolka


Matěj Svoboda


Artur Nikitin

Data Team Manager

Miroslav Hrdlička

Supplier Network Manager

Eliška Voksová

Sales Representative (CZ/SK)

Alonso Antón

Sales Representative (IBERIA)

Daniela Okrouhlá

Sales Representative (DACH)

Jiří Šolc

.NET Developer

Jan Karela

.NET Developer

Adam Bařinka

Customer Support

Akbota Nikitina

Customer Support

References and experience of our customers

We have been using the TronLogo service since June 2019. I rate TronLogo as the most effective tool for clients and us. Clients see their motive on thousands of products in our webshop and thus save time of our DTP for other tasks. When preparing a visualization, we eliminate multiple proofreading by allowing you to edit your theme or text online. Within a few months, our clients have played with thousands of visualizations with TronLogo and saved themselves and us hundreds of hours. Once TronLogo will generate final print data, it will become an indispensable tool for our business.
Johannes Mahlich
COO / Geschäftsführung
We use TronLogo since October 2019. Strong tool. Very reliable cooperation. Suggestions for improvement are implemented directly.
Martin Babic
COO / IT Analytic
TronLogo has become an interesting added value for our customers.
In addition to customers, the service is also appreciated by our sales people, who can easily prepare simple previews for clients.

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