Advanced online calculator developed especially for promotional products and textiles. Immediately working with printing positions and technologies of dozens of EU suppliers. For any webshop.

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In developement - LAUNCH in June 2020
For promotional industry
For promotional industry

Developed for promotional products based on 15 years of experience of being distributor. Enhance great shopping experience of your customers.

For promotional industry

The calculation works immediately for printing technologies and products of many EU suppliers. Regularly updated. Just set up your prices and sell.

For promotional industry

Adjustable visual look to design the calculator as a part of your e-shop . Customizable PDF calculations. Possible to integrate it with a shopping cart.

What is TronCalculator?

TronCalculator is a web-based plugin that allows every e-shop to have advanced online print calculator for promotional items. You do not need to have any data, considering print positions, technologies or price lists in your system. Works immediately for suppliers integrated in our platform.

Just select your suppliers and set your own price policy - and your customers can online calculate print prices immediately.

TronCalculator can be integrated with webshops and shopping carts as well as with CRM or ERP systems. Ready for our TronShop as on-click plug-in.


What TronCalculator offers?

  • Selection and setting of product variants (colors and sizes)
  • Selection and calculation for various textiles in one step
  • Automated calculation of volume discounts based number of pieces
  • Smart All-Step Guide of print calculation
  • Support of all print positions and technologies including previews
  • Real-time price calculation each time you change settings
  • Immediately works for over than 100,000 products of EU importers
  • More different prints and positions on 1 item
  • Very customizable visual look (colors and style)
  • Advanced settings of your sales pricing policy
  • Generating of PDF quotations in your design
  • Linkable with your shopping cart and the purchasing process of your webshop
  • Automated saving and return to unfinished calculations
Preorder = 20% discount

References and experience of our customers

We have been using the TronLogo service since June 2019. I rate TronLogo as the most effective tool for clients and us. Clients see their motive on thousands of products in our webshop and thus save time of our DTP for other tasks. When preparing a visualization, we eliminate multiple proofreading by allowing you to edit your theme or text online. Within a few months, our clients have played with thousands of visualizations with TronLogo and saved themselves and us hundreds of hours. Once TronLogo will generate final print data, it will become an indispensable tool for our business.
Johannes Mahlich
COO / Geschäftsführung
We use TronLogo since October 2019. Strong tool. Very reliable cooperation. Suggestions for improvement are implemented directly.
Martin Babic
COO / IT Analytic
TronLogo has become an interesting added value for our customers.
In addition to customers, the service is also appreciated by our sales people, who can easily prepare simple previews for clients.

TronCalculator Pricelist

XX visitors = max unique visitors of the calculator daily  |  XX suppliers = max suppliers for calculation of the printing  |  print editor = integrated print editor of the TronLogo service
XX logo conversions = max count of vector logo conversions per month  |  own print technologies = max count of technologies for which you can set up your own logic and prices

In the case of an active TronShop service, you will receive additional services - TronLogo, TronCalculator, TronDesigner - with a permanent discount of 20% of the basic prices.

You will receive a 20% 1st year DISCOUNT from the official sell price for selected PromoTron services with non-obligatory pre-order. These prices do not include VAT. You will be obliged to choose the variant of the service and the length of the payment period after the services are launched.

Integrated suppliers and manufacturers

New suppliers and manufacturers of promotional merchandise
join the PromoTron platform every month.
See a list of all suppliers, including their integration status.

PF Concept B.V.
Mkto Catal Importaciones, s.l.
Giving Europe B.V.
Anda Present Kft.
Xindao B.V.
Paul Stricker S.A.
Mid Ocean Brands B.V.
Inspirion GmbH
Elasto Form KG
Troika Germany GmbH
Halfar System GmbH
Hepla-Kunstofftechnik GmbH & Co KG.
Reflects GmbH GmbH
FARE-Guenther Fassbender GmbH
Tobra GmbH
Adler Czech a.s.
REDA a.s.
iMi Partner a.s.
Ivory Ceramic
Clipper B.V.
Toppoint B.V.
Intraco Trading B.V.
Araco International B.V.
SENATOR Benelux B.V.
The Peppermint Company B.V.
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