Shorten printing proofs
from hours to minutes

Let your customers create and design print motives on promotional products directly in your webshop. Online get PDF visualization for approve.

From 52 € per month

TronLogo is a special cloud technology for realistic 3D visualization of prints on product images. Also included a simple graphics and proofreading online tool. It works without any investment immediately on tens of thousands of products.

provide to your customers
an amazing WoW effect

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order Clearance

Save for DTP graphics
up to 70% of work

Satisfied customers
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How it works?


of logo or artwork in the realistic appearance on all products in your e-shop.


designing, proofs, adding text and approval is possible to be realized in the webshop


works on products from
all suppliers within the PromoTron platform.


to any e-shop within
15 minutes only. The software
is available in 5 languages.

TronLogo is already availible for the products of these suppliers ...

The products of the listed importers and suppliers are listed manually in the TronCloud platform and PromoTron's graphic team has configurated each product of these suppliers specially including print zones for realistic 3D impressions.

TronLogo service offers revolutionary features

The customer can upload his logo into TronLogo directly in your e-shop.
  • Just place anywhere in your e-shop the button in your design with the text "Select / Upload logo" - we hardly recommend to be placed on the homepage and so your customers can try new function + on the top of the product catalog + in the product detail below its cover picture. TronShop automatically open the popup window for selecting and uploading logo file (the window also supports the Drag & Drop feature) when clicked on the button
  • TronLogo supports all major graphic formats - such a vector formats Corel) (CDR), Illustrator (AI), Portable Document Format (PDF), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) and, of course, raster formats PNG, TIF, PSD. JPG format can be enabled, but we do not recommend it (due to thumbnail quality)
  • The customer sees the entire logo processing process and generating of all its variants (see below). If the upload or processing of the logo fails, the customer can enter his email - so your DTP department will receive an e-mail link to download the uploaded file and will be able to process the logo and upload it back into TronLogo interface (this logo will automatically appear in the customer in the gallery - see below)
Automatic logo processing with online control and interactive portal for your DTP graphics
  • The uploaded file is automatically processed in several steps - vector formats (CDR, AI, EPS, etc.) are first converted to the high PNG resolution, which is used for the visualization. Then the logo will be automatically cropped (empty spaces), the system checks the background and generates a BLACK and WHITE variant of the original image.
  • The customer will see preview 3 variants of uploaded logo - original colors + logo in black + logo in white. The white and black version of the logo is used for visualizing on objects where the color of the subject is very close to the colors of the logo and the logo would be poorly visible on that item. This color screening and choice of colors/black/white logo is done by the system automatically for each item.
  • By clicking on the "LOGO IS WRONG" button, the customer can disable the wrong logo variant. In this case, the wrong image will be automatically sent to your DTP department to correct logo transformation (not all variants of the multicolor log can be transformed correctly by the system). If the BLACK / WHITE variant is wrong, the customer will be allowed to continue. If the original logo is wrong, the customer will enter his email and visualization will be possible after the logo will be processed by your DTP department.
  • A special DTP portal is available for your graphic designers - they can disable the original file uploaded by the customer and upload correct PNG logo in all 3 variants (colors, black, white). The customer can now use visualization.
Gallery of uploaded logos and suggested printing motives of customer without necessity to log in.
  • Each logo uploaded by the customer will be automatically stored in the customer's personal gallery. The customer does not need to log in and in case he comes to the e-shop from the same PC and browser, he will still find his logos (in version 2.0, we are preparing possibility to log in or link it with your e-shop, so your customers will have access to their logo gallery from any PC)
  • The customers can rename and sort the logos in the gallery to have the most commonly used logos at the beginning. Of course, it is also possible to delete any logo and download the original uploaded logo file.
  • The the gallery is also used to store graphic motifs (eg logo with added text) that can be created in the TronLogo editor (see below). This makes it easy to create several motifs for different object and shapes (such as a "landscape" for a pen or a "portrait" for a mug), and then within one click use appropriate motif for the selected item for visualization and proof.
Automated visualization of chosen logo / theme on the products in your e-shop.
  • Immediately after the customer uploads the logo (or selects the logo / theme in the gallery), the system TronLogo will replace all current images of the items you sell in your with the images, including 3D visualization with the selected printing (all images of products integrated in TronLogo system).
  • The customer can change the logo or theme any time within two clicks, and all thumbnails will be changed immediately.
  • If the product is not integrated within TronLogo, the image will not change (and printing visualization and online proofing will be impossible considering this image).
  • To make TronLogo recognize that the image is an image of specific product, it is very easy to add the attributes in the HTML into given IMG tag - please see Implementation Manual .
Detail of the product with large realistic printing visualization.
  • When you click on the image in the detail of the product (when the TronLogo system recognizes the image), a window with large preview and large visualization will appear so the customer can see even smaller logos if there is only a small place for printing on the item.
  • In the window with a large visualization preview, the "EDIT PRINT" button will always open the TronLogo Editor (see below) to easily fine-tune the printing and complete the graphic proof.
Simple web editor for easy graphic proofing and printing - tuning.
  • Customers often want to put their logo, website, e-mail, or other details on the item (if there is space enough on the subject). However, more complex graphics cannot be solved by a regular customer online, usually, they have no time enough to do that - either they forward it to their graphic designers or another subject to create a graphical design of more complex printing.
  • Integral part of TronLogo is a special TronEditor tailor-made for the needs of exactly those customers and their willingness to solve something online and directly in the e-shop. With this tool, it will be really easy to change the location and size of the logo easily and online, and allow them to add text and place everything within the available print area.
  • To speed up the entire process, whatever he will change in the TronEditor, will be immediately displayed so he can immediately see whether is it OK or not on the given subject.
  • The proposed printing (theme) can be saved in the gallery so the customer can edit it later anytime"
  • APPROVAL PRINT button and enters his e-mail - so you and the customer will receive a detailed PDF with a graphic visualization of the print and a link to download the original file created by the customer (typically a vector logo). Just before your order, you will receive the lead and customer's contact!
This features are available in the first version of TronLogoRC3. However, we are preparing many more extensions and new features.
For more details about RC3, including the list of integrated suppliers, see TronLogo Status and Plans .

TronLogo Pricing

Payment method (payment period):
Your basic discount: 5%



Within the TRIAL version, you will get the highest version MAXI for 14 days for free. Before the end of the TRIAL version, we will ask you for the selection of the service package, payment method and payment period and for process payment. If you do not have active and paid service after the end of TRIAL, the service will be disabled. All prices are with VAT excluded and express the price per month of the service according to the selected payment period. VAT will be included to the price only for entities from the Czech Republic or with VAT registration in the Czech Republic.

How to implement TronLogo tool in your webshop?

For the first 14 days, you have TronLogo free and unbound. You can try out and set it up everything. Just order the FREE TRIAL. After order, you will be allowed to access the administration portal.

At first just set the basic parameters of the TronLogo service (contact details, e-shop name, colors, PDF proofreading, etc.)

Then you choose suppliers (importers/producers) that you use in your e-shop and set your own ID / CODE for each of them, use the same code, you are using for their evidence in your system.

Finally, you will do the technical implementation of TronLogo in your e-shop using manual. It is approximately 15-20 minutes of IT work and minimal programming. Very similar implementation to the Google Analytics tool.

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