Sell printed merchandise and textiles easily, quickly and online.
Don't deal with expensive IT or data. Focus on marketing and business.

First class webshop platform for promotional products

Automate printing calculations, quotations, visualizations, proofreading and order receipt.
Tailored for effective online sales of promotional items with 15 years of experience in the industry.


WOW efect for your customers

Automatic 3D visualization of logos.
Well-arranged online print editor.
Visualization in PDF. Printing effects.

More about WOW efect

Online printing calculator

Interactive real-time print calculation.
Previews of all positions and technologies.
Connected to data and price lists of suppliers.

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The right assortment. The right prices

Selection from tens of thousands of products.
Advanced setting of margins and volume levels.
Automatic daily update of data, including prices.

Suppliers and pricing policies

Customizable design and features

Layout, design and color variants per click.
Adjustable rules of sale and cart behavior.
Possibility of individual custom adjustments.

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The road to a more profitable business


Sell in 20 languages.
Choice of more than 10 currencies.
Exchange rate conversions.


Pre-integrated online payments.
API access for your CRM/ERP.
Easy data exports.

Reduce your costs

You don't care about IT, operation or maintenance.
You do not deal with data from suppliers.
Advantageous premium support.

Integrated suppliers

We are constantly expanding our TronCloud platform and engaging new suppliers.
Are you missing an important supplier or manufacturer? Contact us.

Premium Package Pricelist/per Month

Suitable for smaller vendors
or to try online sales for the first time.

107 €

Subscription included
Business Business
Features and parameters
  • E-shop platform
  • Automatic product updates
  • Online printing calculator
  • Online vizualization and print editor
  • Max. 100 daily visits
  • Max. 20 000 pageviews/month
  • Max. 5 000 products
  • Own products
  • Max. 2 suppliers
  • 1 language / currency
  • Professional SSL certificate
Professional solutions for everyone,
who is serious about online sales.

248 €

Subscription included
Business Business Business
Features and parameters
  • E-shop platform
  • Automatic product updates
  • Online printing calculator
  • Online vizualization and print editor
  • Max. 350 daily visits
  • Max. 70 000 pageviews/month
  • Max. 35 000 products
  • Max. 100 own products
  • Max. 20 suppliers
  • 2 languages / currencies
  • Professional SSL certificate

All prices are WITHOUT VAT. If you are not a VAT payer with a valid EU VAT ID (VAT number), 21% VAT will be added to the price.

Do you need more products or suppliers? Or do you have significantly different traffic?
Contact us, we can adjust our services and price to suit your needs.


Take a look at selected shops of our clients. Our shops are already running in more than 12 countries.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

References and experience of our customers

B2B e-commerce has been on the rise lately. Companies have started to turn towards digital technologies at a brisk pace, which is a strong driver for us to keep developing. This is doubly true for promotional items, as the range of products in this sector is changing and growing every day. We have been developing our own solutions to connect and communicate with suppliers across Europe, but it was a very costly and complex journey. In 2022, we partnered with PromoTron to use their TronShop, TronCalculator and TronLogo service which has solved our problems completely and to our complete satisfaction. Thanks to these services, we were able to easily separate promotional items from our website on the new domain and offer our customers professional tools and clarity for online purchase of promotional items. PromoTron has been flexible in responding to our requests and their team does a great job in e-commerce promotional items.

UniMark CZ s.r.o.
Jiří Tikal, General Manager

1) Great service - tailor-made to your particular needs. Highly recommended
2) With PromoTron team we managed to set our shops at our particular needs including special features.

Mompalao Trading Ltd.
Charles Bonici Mompalao, CEO

PromoTron is an incredible web system for the sale of merchandising products, we have been with them for a year and we are very happy with both their team and the quality of the web system.

Arizzona Gifts S.L.
Frank Caballero, CEO

The services provided by PromoTron are innovative and offer great convenience to our customers. What is just as important is that your platform is constantly being upgraded and new things are being added. Especially during the pandemic, it is a huge convenience for the customer to be able to immediately see his logo on thousands of products and at the same time get the financial offer for the quantity he is interested in. We are very happy with our cooperation and we believe that the cost of your services is very affordable for what you offer. Our collaboration is perfect and we would always recommend PromoTron without a second thought!

Lainas Products - Lainas Dimitris SA
Renata Markou, Digital Sales Manager

PromoTron is very good to work with, they understand our industry and their approach is very much pro-client. The support and communication within the project is at a very good level. I can only recommend working with them.

Société s.r.o.
Ing. Dalibor Dušek, CEO

From the first moment we contacted PromoTron, we noticed the friendliness and professionalism of the entire team. With innovative solutions, PromoTron allowed us to expand the horizons of our online business, increasing our company's sales volume.

Grafpub - Grafismo e Publicidade
Paulo Meles, CEO

From the first time we saw the PromoTron platform, we knew that it will be an important part of our future. The PromoTron team is always looking for new ways and ideas that help you stay on top. The great results are guaranteed.

Studio anan d.o.o.
Andrej Petroša, CEO


You can have your own promotional e-shop tomorrow!
We will setup basic settings and adaptations to your corporate design and colors free of charge.
And with the help of a video presentation, we will train you in basic operations.



Don't worry about IT and outsource the following solutions.
Unlimited customization and automation options!

  • E-shops for distributors with your entire range
  • Thematic e-shops for distributors with a selection of products
  • International NO-NAME catalogue with your products
  • International in-demand website with your products
  • Corporate shopping portals and websites

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