Tailor-made e-shop for Promotional Industry

Sell promotional products online with great customer experience. Advanced gift search. Online calculations and print visualizations. Products automatically filled by dozens of importers and suppliers across the EU.

PREORDER = discount 20% for first year

The TronShop service will be officially launched during 1Q 2020 ...

TronShop is the most advanced e-shop platform on the European market specialized for the sale of promotional products. It is intended for distributors, importers, manufacturers and printing houses. Based on 15 years of experience as distributor.

your own e-shop
within 15 minutes

choice from many suppliers
and thousands of products

international ready
12 languages
and 5 currencies

highly customizable
(800+ design combinations)

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7. - 9. Janury 2020
Düsseldorf, Germany
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Main advantages and features of TronShop

Modern e-shop. Customer friendly and fast.

Import products for a few
clicks and no work needed

Online printing calculation and logo visualization

Improved product data and Data analytics

When does TronShop have a meaning for you?

We are
Distributor or Advertising Agency

When ...

  • You want to upgrade your existing e-commerce solution
    or you want to start selling online promotional merchandise
  • You also want to stars sales in other countries
  • You want to significantly expand the range of products you offer
  • You want to speed up the orders and have more satisfied customers
  • You want to automate routine work and save peoples' time
We are
Importer or Wholesaler

When ...

  • Do you want to modernize your e-shop solution and simplify the work and obtaining information for your distributors
  • Do you want to offer to your distributors an option to visualize any printing for their clients
  • Do you want to offer to your distributors afilate e-shops only with your merchandise and do not worry about expensive IT solutions
We are
Promotional product Manufacturer

When ...

  • Do you want to upgrade your existing e-commerce solution
    or you want to start selling your own products online
  • Do you want to provide to your B2B partners with more information, marketing materials and high quality product data
  • You want to offer to zour distributors affiliate e-shop platform with your merchandise for your B2B business network
We are
Printing House

When ...

  • You want to start selling promotional products and earn more
    or you already have e-shop, but you want to sell more efficiently
  • Do you want to offer many products with low maintenance charges
  • Do you want to offer to your customers an online printing calculation
  • Do you want to speed up your work and have more satisfied customers
  • Do you want to automatize routine work and save the time to your employees

Main features and functions of TronShop

Latest technologies and trends. Very fast. Ready for international trade.
  • Fully responsive - tuned for PC's, tablets and mobile phones and all modern browsers
  • Multi-lingual solution the whole e-shop and its administration is available in 12 languages ​​(goods is sorted according to its availability of data from the supplier or to processing of language translations) ​
  • Multi-currency solution - 6 currency (EUR, GBP, EUR, PLN, HUF) automated price exchange rating according to the central bank rate
  • Very powerful solution - Cloud based technology ready for huge scalability and blackout-free operation
Great shopping experience for all customers. Great saving of time of your employees and customers.
  • Advanced Product Searching - detailed parametric searching, fulltext tailored to the specifics of the merchandise, marketing filters /li>
  • Intelligent Product Catalog- a concise, brief statement with a dynamic view of the main information within mouse click on the product
  • Easy search for alternatives - e-shop automatically identifies and recommends (very) similar products
  • Online Printing Calculator - easy real-time calculations, quick comparison of all variants and technologies, and automatic bid PDF file generating
  • All the necessary information - a comprehensive product detail, printing technologies, and service Information
  • Online Graphic Proofs - automated logo visualization on all products in the e-shop and online editor for easy print design and proofing, including PDF proofing with vector logo, visualization of printing and technical information (requires activation of TronLogo)
  • Comprehensive Customer Profile personal owerview, access and authorization, management of delivery addresses and contacts, overview of quotes and bids, overview and tracking of orders, overview and download of documents / in case of integration with your IS/)
Maximal automatization and elimination of demanding and expensive data processing and IT integration.
  • Basic Import of Products - within few minutes, just select the required vendor and specify the categories of goods which you want to introduce in your e-shop. The system will take care of everything and so you can start selling within few minutes.
  • Automated Product Updates - any change made by the vendor will be imidiately reflected in your e-shop. At the same time, we privide deeper control and enhancement of the product data feed
  • Auto Pricing - you do not have to set the prices of thousands of products manually, just define your pricing policy and target margin structure and enter individual discounts you have benn agreed with suppliers. The system will calculate all prices in all currencies and as well will update any change. Not only stock infos, but also cost of printing etc.
  • Stock synchronization - connection to all vendors and the most frequent updates of data that the vendors provide. It is automatically linked with no work needed.
  • Automated Order sending - if the vendor provides an API for automatic order transfers, you can get this feature in the TronShop within a single click. No more manual shuffling of orders in different e-shop of vendors.
Fully changable into your design and corporate colors. Huge options of visual e-shop personalization.
  • Prepared entire e-shop navigationand pre-prepeard content for easy editing - pages like About Us, Contacts, Privacy etc. A whole tree of categories of promotional products with more than 500 categories.
  • Configuration of many segments of the e-shop - you can choose from many visual styles and you can set up a color of e-shop environment.
  • Configured header and footer with different choices and content management (menu links, contacts, etc.)
  • Dynamic homepage with multiple choices of various moduls (top-categories, products, newcommers, popular bestsellers etc.)
  • Advertising system with the ability to easily publish various banner ads across whole e-shop with many other features
  • Configurable shopping cart logic - handling charges, minimum amount of order, multiples, aditional charges and fees, etc.
  • Configurable Purchasing Processshipping, payments and bindings and the logic between them, additional optional registration and order form fields, adjustable validation, redirection on payment gateways
Extensive administration and publishing capabilities. Everything ready for easy usage.
  • Dashboard and statistics - overview of the main e-shop indicators + basic statistics (registration, sales, product range)
  • Administation of the hierarchical navigation - you can rewrite and set individual menus and all product categories
  • Basic CMS to manage an unlimited amount of information pages as a WYSIWYG editor (About Us, Contacts, etc.)
  • Manage your e-shop customization - upload your logo, set up the appearance and functionality of sub-models, personalization of visual design etc.
  • Manage your homepage - selecting and choosing up of dynanic modules
  • Managing basic e-shop settings for the purchasing process - available shipping and handling options, handling fees, purchase restrictions, etc.
  • Branding Management - setting of pricing policy for individual vendors and printing technologies, configuration of default dates to calculate real delivery dates
  • TronCloud Product Management - in the form of vendor and product selection and pricing policy configuration (all automatically maintained)
  • Managing Custom Products - adding and editing of custom products, its parameters, photos and files, prices, etc.
  • Managing your adwertising system uploading of various banners and another advertising elements and its engaging with e-shop sites, expiration date incl.Customer management - customer review, search and filtering, customer details and order details and history, customer profile editing, customer parameters settings (discount, etc.)
  • Order Management - a simple tool for reviewing all the orders, searching and filtering orders and their details + basic order editing (headers, items)
  • Order Export - tool for XML ​​and XLS (excel) configuration of exported file and tool for order selection and its export in the seted format
  • One-Click integration of TronLogo and TronDesigner online logo visualization and proofing tool(TronLogo service), and extension with web based 3D configurator of customizable products (TronDesigner service) with no implementation needed
  • TronShop development direction - overview of scheduled and upcoming new features and voting development priority
  • Optional b>: Further customization of e-shop functionality + community portal for error information in vendors' data and their managed reparation

How much does TronShop cost?

Payment method (payment period):
Your basic discount: 20%

PREORDER = discount 20% for first year

Pre-order is non-binding and does not create any obligation!

For non-obligatory pre-orders, you will receive a 20% 1 Year DISCOUNT of selected PromoTron services (after it will be launched) of the official sale prices.
These prices do not include VAT. You will be obliged to choose the variant of the service and the length of the payment period after the services are launched.

In TronShop You can easily offer products from ...

PF Concept B.V.
Mkto Catal Importaciones, s.l.
Giving Europe B.V.
Anda Present Kft.
Xindao B.V.
Paul Stricker S.A.
Mid Ocean Brands B.V.
Elasto Form KG
Halfar System GmbH
Hepla-Kunstofftechnik GmbH & Co KG.
Reflects GmbH
FARE-Guenther Fassbender GmbH
Tobra GmbH
Adler Czech a.s.
REDA a.s.
iMi Partner a.s.
Ivory Ceramic
Clipper B.V.
Toppoint B.V.
Intraco Trading B.V.
Araco International B.V.
SENATOR Benelux B.V.
The Peppermint Company B.V.

In the TronCloud administration you check available vendors whose products you wish to offer in your e-shop. You can choose a category only as well. From 4Q 2020 you will be able to determine the supplier's preference in case the product will be exactly the same, it will only be introduced once by the supplier priority. No more duplicities.

Get 20% off
for the first year license of
your new e-shop