Sklep internetowy do sprzedaży produktów reklamowych

The most advanced webshop for online sales of promotional goods and textiles with printing. Thousands of products within a few clicks. Do not waste your time on IT and data.
Focus on your sales and marketing only.


  • FREE TronShop + TronLogo license for 30 days
  • 20% discount for the 1st year license
  • FREE shop settings and personalization (4 hours)
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For promotional industry
For promotional industry

Designed especially for selling promotional products based on 15 years experience of being a distributor.
The best shopping experience for your customers.

Very customizable
Assortment on one click

Automated import and actualization of the assortment from dozens of suppliers. Just a click and you can start to sell thousands of products.

Assortment on one click
Very customizable

Using TronShop doesn't mean to have one of the hundreds of similar webshops, differing just by the color and the logo. More than 800 combinations of visual looks and lots of on-click personalization options.

What is TronShop?

TronShop is a platform that allows you to have your advanced e-shop with promotional merchandise with no need to worry about IT and data. And sell effectively online.

Just select your suppliers, product categories, or brands, and set your pricing policy. And in a few minutes, your e-shop is filled with goods, and you sell immediately. Everything is automatically updated - products, prices, even warehouse data.

Our data team is continually working on improving data quality, improving product presentation and descriptions, standardizing product names, adding new parameters for better filtering, and much more.


TronShop features

  • Fully responsive and modern environment for desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Full support for presentation and online selling of promotional textiles
  • Advanced product searching and filtering due to advanced data
  • Automated import of products of many EU suppliers with advanced filtering
  • Automated actualization of goods, stocks and prices, prices are calculated with actual exchange rate
  • Hundreds of visual designs and webshop layouts within one click
  • Unlimited customization of e-shop structure, menus and product categories
  • Advanced sales price policy and daily purchase price recalculation
  • Detailed branding information (print positions, technology, previews)
  • Advanced online print calculator of all printing options (available from Q2/2020)
  • Multilingual and multicurrency interface with support of omnichannel sales
  • Basic CMS system and many marketing tools

Webshop administration

Webshop and order administration offers the following features:

  • Summary Dashboard and Sales Charts
  • Order Management (Status, Content)
  • Advanced Customer Management
  • Visual Webshop Settings
  • Navigation and Category Menu Management
  • Selecting of the Suppliers, Brands, and Categories to import
  • Viewing products and all the available data
  • Advanced sales price policy management
  • Settings of the purchasing terms and limits
  • Environment settings (languages ​​and currencies)

  • Article management and WYSIWYG editor (CMS module)
  • Files and media management
  • Campaign management (central banner system)
  • Collections management (product and category selections)
  • Settings of the shipping and payment options
  • Settings of the purchasing terms and limits
  • Settings of the VAT levels and email templates
  • Environment settings (languages ​​and currencies)

Suppliers and languages of TronShop

TronShop already supports

We are currently working on


1. Is the TronShop responsive for mobile devices?

Yes, TronShop is responsible for all the devices with UX friendly environment.

2. Whats is happening in case the supplier I want is not integrated in the PromoTron Platform?

This might happen. In this case, write to us, but the best way is to write the supplier, that you switched for the TronShop and you need them to get integrated. We began with the most significant and biggest suppliers of the EU, but we pretty understand, that you may need some local or smaller. We will try to integrate all the desired suppliers, but it may take some time.

3. Is It Possible to Upload My Own Products?

In the beginning not, but we are developing this feature, to be available as soon as possible. You will be able to add your products in the administration portal of the TronShop soon.

4. Can I Create My Own Categories?

The system is based on the predefined categories, but you can create your own special categories and fill it with desired products.

5. Which Currencies Are Supported?

The TronShop is supporting many European currencies. The exchange course is always up-to date, based on the information of European Central Bank (ECB).

6. How to Change Visual Layouts of My TronShop?

We really don’t want to provide hundreds of the same uniform shops. We like creativity and also we know, that to differ is really important for your brand, business, and sales. And the best of all is, that you can set it up by yourself. No IT knowledge or assistance needed. You can set up different header, footer, menu guidance, window shape, category display, product description look, etc. We will constantly add more than 800 combinations of visual look and other dozens of on-click personalization options.

For more detailed info about visual settings, please visit this site.

TronShop Pricelist

Limited discount for the first year of operation of your new webshop - valid only until the end of May: 20%

In the case of an active TronShop service, you will receive additional services - TronLogo, TronCalculator, TronDesigner - with a permanent discount of 20% of the basic prices.


Our partners

We process the products of all our partners into our platform gradually

PF Concept B.V.
Mkto Catal Importaciones, s.l.
Giving Europe B.V.
Anda Present Kft.
Xindao B.V.
Paul Stricker S.A.
Mid Ocean Brands B.V.
Inspirion GmbH
Elasto Form KG
Troika Germany GmbH
Halfar System GmbH
Hepla-Kunstofftechnik GmbH & Co KG.
Reflects GmbH GmbH
FARE-Guenther Fassbender GmbH
Tobra GmbH
Adler Czech a.s.
REDA a.s.
iMi Partner a.s.
Ivory Ceramic
Clipper B.V.
Toppoint B.V.
Intraco Trading B.V.
Araco International B.V.
SENATOR Benelux B.V.
The Peppermint Company B.V.

White-label webshop solution for partners

Do you want to provide your business partners so-called "WHITE-LABEL" webshops, tailor-made webshops with your assortment, your printing technologies, and connection to your information system? Support your business partners, expand your distribution chain and increase your turnover and profit!

Get 20% off
for the first year

What other features do we plan?

Advanced product sorting

We will be able to influence better the sorting of goods. The system will automatically recalculate and resort products on a daily basis according to product sales and traffic. Planned: 2Q 2020

Support of your own products

You will be able to enter and insert your own products, pictures, prices and printing positions in all e-shop languages ​​and manage everything in central administration. Planned: 3Q 2020

Deduplication of the similar products

The system identifies the same product of different suppliers and imports the product to the webshop only once based on your priority settings. Planned: 4Q 2020

More shopping rules and logics

It will be possible to define multiple shopping rules and logics in the shopping cart that will control the purchase and add eventual fees and surcharges. Planned: 3Q 2020

Replacement of sold out products

The system automatically imports the same product from another supplier, in case the priority supplier has not the given product on stock (and vice versa). Planned: 4Q 2020

Personalized product data

You will be able to replace any product information from the supplier by your own (product name, description, parameters, printing positions, etc.). Planned: 3Q 2020

Marketing with suppliers

We will allow you to launch a ready-to-use supplier campaign within one click = price reduction, the publication of advertising banners, timeouts, etc. Planed: 2Q 2021

Advanced data analytics

We will provide you with advanced analytical algorithms and artificial intelligence that will bring your webshop personalization to highest level. Planned: Q3-Q4/2021